A series of solutions corresponding to various conditions are given in a multiple-fractured-horizontal well model. We were able to develop a fast, robust and easy to use software program, a screening-tool product, we hope will be of significant benefit to companies in the petroleum industry. A practising engineer should be able to predict an optimum number of induced fractures in a horizontal well. Some existing analytical approaches are recognised to be inefficient and solutions should be compared to new solutions and new modelling techniques. Extension of the existing single phase oil flow SLAB model to a BOX model improves well production optimisation of a horizontal well with induced fractures; particularly prognosis and diagnosis features. The bringing together of rate-time and pressure-time analysis provides a total package to better characterise horizontal well with induced fractures behaviour. The tendency to over- or under-estimate the oil production needs to be corrected. Inclusion of a restart option is demonstrated in a real case study. This analytical screening-tool is useful for prognosis, diagnosis and improved modelling of oil production from horizontal or near-horizontal well with induced fractures.

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