Information obtained from testing horizontal wells is very useful in reservoir characterization, in this paper the experience of horizontal wells in the gas reservoir of TIN FOUYE TABANKORT (TFT), Algeria is illustrated, as well as the contribution in characterizing natural fractures.

The transient response (Build Up) of two horizontal wells were simulated, the two short radii TFT#z329 (400m), and TFTz#333 (200m) were drilled in the same azimuth the numerical match yields to the following permeability tensors: well TFTz#329 (Kx = 2 md, Ky = 90 md, and Kz = 110md), and well TFTz#333 (Kx = 5 md, Ky = 100 md, and Kz = 115 md).

The permeability tensors obtained correspond to a configuration indicating a plan of oriented fractures. The wells have been drilled perpendicular to the fractures. The matrix permeability is K matrix = 5 md and the fractures permeability K fissures = 100 md . these results were confirmed by the imagery (FMI, ARI) run in both wells. Laboratory tests on cores of vertical wells confirmed these results and gave the fractures permeability K fractures = 70 md.

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