In both industrialized and developing nations, environmental impact assessment has now become a standard tool for project decision making. This paper proposes the creation of a Integrated Environmental Information Management System (IEIMS) to share environmental information gathered by participating companies and organizations. Data gathered during the completion of field studies and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) would be submitted and made available to participating members through access to a secure website on the internet. The resulting system would reduce the time and cost of environmental data reproduction, make individual company/organization data available for public use and improve the efficiency of the EIS process through the minimization of many common challenges including:

  • The organization, management and integration of large volumes of information;

  • The duplication of data collection for lack of a mechanism to efficiently store and share environmental data and facilitate access and manipulation;

  • The difficulty in conducting time series analysis and ecological modeling

  • Time constraints imposed during EIS preparation

  • Vagueness and imprecision of environmental information

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