The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Underground Injection Control Program (UIC) has recognized that conditions can exist that make it necessary to perform well-by-well Area of Review (AOR)s and that wells in a basin, producing trend, region, field, or portion of such areas could be exempt from an AOR through a variance program. The variance could be granted for the following conditions: Underground Source of Drinking Water (USDW) is absent; reservoir is underpressured relative to the USDW; local geologic conditions preclude upward movement that could endanger USDW; and other compelling evidence exists, A scientific methodology to identify areas for AOR variance was developed at the University Missouri-Rolla. This methodology has been applied in several states and to date, has been effective in all applications. In order to apply that methodology, it is necessary to have reliable subsurface information, (i.e. depth to groundwater, reservoir and aquifer pressures, well construction data, well abandonment information, etc.) To effectively perform a variance over large areas, subsurface and well information in electronic format is essential. Through a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Fossil Energy. Bartlesville Project Office, BDM Petroleum Technologies has been assisting several states in AOR variance projects and electronic well information data.

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