In 1985, the American Petroleum Institute (API) conducted a survey of the U.S. exploration and production (E&P) industry to collect data on volumes of wastes being generated and current waste management practices. This study, now over a decade old, remains the primary source of data on wastes and waste management. Knowing that industry waste management practices have evolved since the mid-1980s, API decided to update this survey in order to characterize current practices and facilities. Besides wastes and waste management, the study also characterizes, for the first time, much of the equipment at E&P sites that may contribute to air emissions. This information will provide valuable input about the nature of industry operations to regulations currently planned or under development to control emissions. The purpose of this paper is to describe API’s current industry survey, the methodology used, the current status of the analysis, and provide initial observations based on responses received to date. The paper also includes a discussion of API’s planned uses for the survey results.

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