In an attempt to minimize cost and potential future liability associated with hazardous waste disposal, a corporate Waste Site Management Team was established to review and approve all hazardous waste sites used by the corporation. Due to the ever changing legal and regulatory climate, the focus of the Team has evolved and broadened during the past decade. With a new name in 1993, the Waste Management Team expanded its focus to cover the management of all wastes being generated. Although the Team is still responsible for the review and approval of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facilities, the focus is broadening to nonhazardous waste sites and recycling facilities. The mission of the Team is now to identify and maintain reliable waste management options, assist in the review and assessment of waste management alternatives that include source reduction and recycling, facilitate cross-functional cooperation between the Shell companies and divisions, and reduce the total cost of waste management for the corporation. A major source of cost savings has resulted from membership in an auditing cooperative and revisions to the site inspection frequency.

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