A study was commissioned to obtain fugitive emissions data from a production facility that contains oil and gas production equipment and is located in the Outer Continental Shelf Gulf of Mexico region. A total of 10,212 components were inventoried and screened for leaks. Less than 1 % or 84 screening values were above 500 ppmv, and 54 of these leaking components were further analyzed using the bagging method. The samples were analyzed for hydrocarbons C1 through C6+ and three samples were tested for ВЕТХ components. A site specific correlation equation for the platform was developed. The results were compared to mass emissions calculated by published emission factors (US EPA AP-42)1 . The study confirmed that the platform does not qualify as a major source under Title III of the CAAA. Overprediction of the emissions calculated by the AP-42 factor method was also confirmed.

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