BaSO4 scale containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) as well as calcium carbonate scale has been reported in gas production facilities in conjunction with the Antrim play in northern Michigan. The scale study was undertaken by the Water Research Institute, Inc. (WRI) under contract from the Gas Research Institute. It was proposed in the scale study to conduct a two phase systematic characterization of BaS04 scale from the Michigan Basin area both as to occurrence and environmental hazard, and to evaluate scale control methods using brines typical of the area. The initial study involved sample collection and analytical work-up to arrive at a correct theoretical analysis of the problems involved. The variability of the sulfate concentrations in the wells is addressed and scale prediction techniques applied to the reservoirs and the surface equipment to determine where scale was forming and where it is likely to form. The scale is proposed to be forming due to the commingling of produced waters from wells with high sulfate concentrations with waters from other wells relatively high barium concentrations. Inhibitor evaluations were done using a high temperature-pressure laboratory apparatus developed at Rice University and WRI (patent application pending with GRI) and effective chemicals and probable dose rates for inhibition were determined. Concurrently, studies were begun by Bioindustrial Technology, Inc. and United Exploration and Development Consultants to learn the sources of the high sulfate concentrations reported in some wells in the area and to determine the causes of souring in some others.

In addition to the scale forming in the surface facilities, NORM scale was predicted and found in production tubing from individual wells. The driving forces for scale precipitation in these wells is the temperature and pressure changes resulting from production Chemical squeeze of inhibitor into the reservoirs and surface injection are recommended to treat and eliminate the scale problem

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