Safety leadership training makes use of the approach of Accelerative Learning (A.L.). Recent research indicates that this approach of A.L., is a state-of-the-art approach. The research is essentially an understanding between brain physiology and the concept of learning. A.L., in design and delivery, addresses the learning environment, learning modalities and multiple intelligences in a manner that is participant centric-centred. Incorporating this into a safety training program seeks to adapt the learning process most conducive to humans and make it a mind and body experience achieving maximum information retention. This enhances a behavioural transition from a safety management approach to safety leadership mind-set.

While incorporating the active and passive methods of engagement into the design and delivery of safety leadership programs helps to achieve up to 95% retention of information. This leads to improved results in competency immediate corelations of the concepts back to daily observed and occuring realities in the field. Results achieved by applying this concept to personnel safety leadership development indicated:

  • Development of the ability in understanding motivational and behavioural profiles of personnel;

  • Development of the ability to validate safety leadership from front-line level-personnel right up to the management teams;

  • Enhancement of personal leadership capability to strengthen safety into newly established teams.

Also the authors have performed case studies that extend this concept to process safety as well

This paper will summarize the approach for developing such high-impact safety leadership training programs for oil & gas assets. The paper will include references to particular case studies with demonstration of qualitative and quantitative results in HSE performance improvement attributed to safety leadership programs across the globe in various sectors.

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