This paper shares Chevron's human performance initiative, and the role human performance plays in reducing serious incidents and fatalities. The paper defines what human performance is at Chevron, and how it is being integrated in the organization at the local and corporate levels. The gap analysis and prioritization tool (GAAP) has been developed to provide snapshots of the culture throughout a local organization and provide local leadership with specific actions to include in their integration planning. The GAAP takes the complex task of integrating human performance and targets areas where human performance can have the greatest impact.

The GAAP is made up of 19 statements derived from the United Kingdom (UK) Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Human Factors Inspector Toolkit and the Step Change in Safety Human Factors Toolkit. The statements describe attributes of an integrated human performance organization and include statements from each of Chevron's human performance focus areas: leadership engagement; incident investigation, reporting and learning; managing safe work; process safety; human factors engineering; and physical and psychological well-being. The GAAP is administered in facilitated small group discussions at varying levels throughout an organization (i.e. operations, front-line supervisors and leadership).

Participants in the discussion are asked to compare the GAAP statement against their current perspective of the organization and provide a ranking for each statement based on level of implementation. During the ranking process participants are asked to justify their ranking and provide examples where applicable. Comments and rankings are captured by a facilitator who analyzes the raw data and comments to identify themes and opportunities for the organization. The feedback is presented to the organization's leadership along with a recommendation of where to apply specific human performance tools and solutions based on the GAAP responses and data.

Results from the GAAP have proven to be valuable at the local and enterprise levels. At the local level, the feedback allows the organization to identify low hanging fruit and provide specific inputs into the organization's integration plan. At the enterprise level the information has help shape the corporate strategy and influenced the next steps along the human performance initiative for Chevron.

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