Description of the material

This presentation will provide an overview of how companies can effectively maintain a constant state of readiness while navigating changes to its emergency response model by reviewing Marine Well Containment Company's (MWCC) recent experience in this area. The speaker will address the planning, preparation, training and execution required internally to maintain an organization's ability to respond to an incident during periods of flux. The presentation will cover all facets of preparedness efforts and best practices – from training and emergency response drills, to ongoing communications and education in order to ensure standards are being met.


In 2014 MWCC made changes to its emergency response model, including expanding its scope of responsibilities related to equipment deployment for its well containment system in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico. In order to effectively prepare for and implement the changes to its model, a robust plan was developed – which included mid-plan evaluations – to ensure all elements of the project rollout were appropriately accounted for and any identified improvements were implemented throughout the process. The plan included:

  1. Defining key roles and responsibilities within the new response model

  2. Revising the response team organizational structure and staffing model

  3. Updating tactical action plans and other relevant planning documents

  4. Establishing an increased cadence of drills to train staff internally to adapt to the new response team structure and roles

Results, Observations, and Conclusions

MWCC proactively planned for challenges it could face during the transition period, which was a beneficial exercise and helped the company achieve its goals and objectives. In addition, there are several critical facets of preparedness that MWCC focused on throughout the development and implementation of its plan to rollout a new emergency response model that were key to its success. These and other best practices and lessons learned will be shared in the presentation.

Significance of subject matter

MWCC's mission is to be continuously ready to respond to a well control incident in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, making it essential that changes to the company's response model would not inhibit this readiness. Sharing best practices could help other companies with managing significant organizational change.

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