The northern screamer (chauna chavarria) is a large-sized bird that belongs to Anhimidae family. It is an almost endemic species found in northern Colombia and in a small strip of land around Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela. The Middle Magdalena, Mansarovar's area of influence, corresponds to the southern limit of the species' location. Hence the importance of its conservation by not causing a reduction in its territory due to changes in land use. The purpose of the monitoring and conservation program is to protect natural wetlands and habitat, where the chavarria's presence is crucial. The program was developed in the following stages: identification of the flagship species, which means that is a key, umbrella, indicator, vulnerable and emblematic species; characterisation of species and habitats, from monitoring, to establish their spatial temporal relationship and analysis of ecological connectivity and fragmentation; evaluation of land use and land cover, including the consequences of agricultural expansion and extractive activities, among others; risk analysis for habitat loss for the species and an assessment of its effects; establishment of priority conservation areas; and communication and the provision of education for internal and external communities. To date, monitoring has been undertaken during the last 12 months, to find new solutions in conservation efforts. Program effectiveness has been evaluated via the following indicators: relative abundance and population density.

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