Less than 1% of the world's fresh water is accessible for direct human uses and the demand for water is growing. The increased strain on water resources for industrial, agricultural, and residential use continues to be a major concern in managing our business.

This paper will provide an overview of issues related to water management and conservation, highlighting growing concerns surrounding the utilization of water in the Americas. In particular, there is increased scrutiny on the oil and gas industry in particular, related to field operations as well as support facilities.

Recent legislative trends associated with the Clean Water Act and Navigable Waters in the United States and other regulatory developments in North, Central and South America affect water management for local operations.

The paper will discuss both technological and management system approaches to better utilize water resources and minimize the quantities of potable water required for irrigation and other uses.

Case studies will expand on water management and conservation by demonstrating successful applications, including:

  • Recycling of both grey and black waste water for landscape irrigation to provide a green oasis in the desert in Dubai, UAE.

  • Installation of a recycling system to treat waste water generated from washing oilfield trucks, skid units and other equipment in Macae, Brazil.

  • Designing new construction with water treatment to generate potable water and rain water capture for irrigation in Poza Rica, Mexico.

  • Partnering with city effluent waste water discharge to provide irrigation and fire system water at Hobbs, New Mexico, USA.

  • Using new technologies to reduce on-site potable water use where potable water supply is restricted in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

Conserving water resources requires companies to develop sound management and technological approaches for utilizing fresh water and reusing waste water in order to ensure sustainability of supply. Failure to demonstrate effective management and conservation of water resources will result in increased pressures by regulators, environmental agencies and the public and a likely mandate for additional legislative actions.

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