The integration of HSE as a critical component of project planning during facility design and collaboration between architects, contractors, HSE professionals, and operations personnel ensures sustainability, safety and process flow elements are addressed from the conceptual stage.

The paper will outline methodology for the LEAN design process integration of human/environmental factors into facility design to meet operational needs and minimize impacts on Health, Safety and the Environment for the Oklahoma City project.

The LEAN design process will be discussed to illustrate how elements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), ASTM International E60 “Specification for Minimum Environmental, Social, and Economic requirements for a Building Promoting Sustainability” and similar standards can be incorporated as cost effective enhancements.

Case Study:

The paper will describe the design of a new facility in Oklahoma City, USA to demonstrate the planning process through LEAN teams to map process flows, and

  • Design new approaches to manufacturing and work process including “hands free” handling

  • Minimize environmental footprint in regards to chemical usage

  • Enhance energy efficiency using LED and natural lighting

  • Manage electrical high peak demand associated with specific operations

  • Maximize water reuse and recycling,

  • Ensure proper traffic and logistics flow

The case study will demonstrate how the integration of Environmental, Health and Safety into the project planning from inception optimizes facility operations, the application process for permits, waste management, water management, energy resource reduction, employee health and safety and overall sustainability.

The holistic design process is more than just putting buildings on a piece of land or choosing a pre-built facility. By utilizing a collaborative team approach that is engaged in planning, with emphasis on HSE, the total project planning utilizing LEAN principles avoids significant HSE risks and rework or retrofits on completed projects.

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