The global issues related to greenhouse gas emissions, cost of electricity, and reliability of electrical supply are driving companies to evaluate options for alternative energy sources to power facilities. A robust screening tool was necessary to identify whether more environmentally sound and cost effective options were available to meet facility energy needs. This paper outlines the development, application and advantages of an alternate energy generation assessment tool for determining the feasibility of installing co generation and/or self generation to provide electrical power at company owned facilities. This tool, which is quick and easy to use, provides significant advantages over the traditional approach of engineering studies, which are often time consuming and expensive.

The tool evaluates various factors to compare utility provided power to other options including fuel cells, photovoltaic, and natural gas turbines. The power supply types are evaluated against a number of criteria including feasibility, energy quality, greenhouse gas emissions, cost, payback period and other factors.

To be a global assessment tool, the format needs to be adaptable to various conditions regarding supply and reliability in diverse power supply markets.

The application of the "alternate energy cogeneration tool" to various operation facilities in a global setting will be discussed. A case study will be outlined that concluded with the selection of a 300kW natural gas fuel cell at a facility. This resulted in annual savings of $477K in purchased electrical power and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1,578 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Calculations of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) will be detailed to show how to capture the environmental advantages of co-generation and self generation applications utilizing an internal carbon reporting system. These environmental benefits can be incorporated in overall sustainability reporting by the user, both internally and externally.

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