This paper analyzes a technology-oriented approach used to mitigate health, safety, and environment (HSE) risks in company operations. The process we followed re-affirms that re-engineering work processes and using technology to mitigate safety and environmental risks are important sources of performance improvement. Using technology lets us promptly meet the safety requirements of the company and our customers. The Technology Group plays a significant role by investigating the identified HSE risks and determining the best solution. Operations and Manufacturing departments also review and provide suggestions for the Technology Group to consider before implementation.

This paper also discusses how our process triggered a technological review of existing safety standards in response to an incident that occurred with another service provider. This proactive approach led to the introduction of volumetric non-destructive testing as a mandatory inspection criterion for all forged components involved in lifting/handling operations in field and manufacturing centers. In another situation, the Technology Group intervened to reduce finger and hand injury risks at repair and maintenance centers and launched a pulser insertion tool for use in company operations worldwide. The new insertion tool eliminated the finger and hand injury risks of inserting the pulser tool into the tube.

The intention of integrating the Technology Group is to improve existing work processes. Consistently following this process is the path to ZERO safety risks for customers as well as service providers. The objective is to re-institutionalize HSE within every branch of the organization and to reaffirm its top priority in the Company’s culture.

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