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The operator company, committed to its performance in industrial safety, occupational health, the reduc tion of its environmental impacts and the protection of its ass ets, towards the year 2004, it de veloped its concurrent operation guidelines for places where two or more high-risk operations are carried out, which include drilling, completion, work-over, well-service activities, well production, and civil, mechanical and electrical works of facilities. This is so lely done to ide ntify all hazard s, evaluate and control all risk-taking in these activities to avoid the o ccurrence of incidents involving people, the environment and damage to company equipment.

It was necessary to conduct several activities at its production field, LA HOCHA 1 location, to apply our concurrent operation guidelines on that platform as a res ult of a production increase and the development of new projects.

The activities conducted on the same location, La Hocha 1, were:

  • LH 9 well intervention using Flush By equipment

  • LH 7 well workover Service

  • LH 1-LH 7-LH 8 LH 9 Production

  • La Hocha 25 Drilling

  • CPF Construction.

Two purposes were defined on La Hocha concurrent operation plan; the first is handling, authority relations and responsibility in matters concerning HSE, and the second is to establish procedures and guidelines which must be implemented when various activities are conducted simultaneously including drilling or produc tion operations on a platform or a worksite which for this specific case was La Hocha 1.

After carrying out these concurrent activities, we were abl e to fulfill our propos ed goal of zero injuries to pe ople, no e nvironmental impact, no equipment damage, the fulfillment of all the plans prepared for each operation, and most of all recogni tion for the company for its excellent coordination and communication work performed during concurrent operations on La Hocha 1 Platform.

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