Aspects related to HSE has been incorporated into the oil companies as a corporate strategic to prevent accidents, environmental incidents and occupational diseases, which is why in 1989, the company began incorporating HSE as one of its strategic value. By then it stared the measuring of indicators and its performance in HSE, NPT and poor quality events in operations.

The success factor in implementing the integrated HSE system has been the incorporation of human factors and their behavior. To achieve the stated objectives there have been several key factors. Commitment and management leadership within the strategic activities were for involved the development and implementation of activities of HSE such as management visits, which is a vital commitment to achieve the goals. Involvement and participation of all employees and contractors in the process of HSE, training programs were implemented and training at all levels of operations in order make stronger the capacities of the staff.

Within HSE management tools the measurement and the monitoring were implemented, fulfillments of prevention programs, accident control and management of their main indicators like the severity index, TRFC and LTI. Within the continuous improvement in drilling operations new technologies were implemented to reduce risks, the time spent by the worker in the job, the level of hazard with less toxic chemicals and the implementation of personal protection. Preventive culture was involved to all operational lines to achieve individual and collective safe behavior, where workers are concerned about HSE and of their own team.

After the implementation of the integrated HSE system the company could obtain a culture of prevention at all levels of management and supervision, safe behavior of the labor force and indicators are satisfied as they move from having almost 1 injured worker (LTI) by every 2 days working with more than 1 million man worked hours in 1989 to fulfill 2 years in 2010 without injured workers (LTI) with 2 million man worked hours, zero occupational diseases, clean operations with less environmental impact, less time lost and NPT reduction in the operations as in the commitment of the organization for HSE aspects.

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