A wetland based water treatment plant is being constructed combining a three stage treatment process starting with an Oil/Water Separator followed by a Constructed Wetland and a Water Evaporation and Salt Crystallization Facility to receive initially 45,000 m3 produced water per day.

For such a natural system climate data and local soil conditions are essential design parameters. Initial given data had to be verified during the construction phase to prove all used design parameters by recording and determine temperature, evaporation and evapotranspiration data as well as soil characteristics and infiltration data of the used mineral sealing layer.

Although the implementation of the treatment facility is influenced by the new data acquisition the construction works covering more than 600 ha are on schedule. A Reed Bed area of 195 ha out of 234 ha has been completed and the plantation of 1,200,000 locally produced Phragmites australis plants has been started on schedule. The current program will allow the full wetland to be operational by the commissioning date in January 2011.

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