Marathon Oil Corporation's Upstream Organization implemented a simplified Management of Change (MOC) Standard and Training Program to improve knowledge of all employees regarding the definition of Change, the purpose and scope of an effective Hazard Review, and the process for performing a quality Pre Startup Safety Review.

The MOC/PSSR Standard is being rolled out in 2008 and 2009 to all Upstream organizations in the United States, Europe, and Africa. The Standard includes guidance for the steps of the MOC and PSSR process, as well as defined roles and responsibilities. The standard is being applied at both regulatory OSHA PSM facilities, as well as those under other regulatory regimes such as the UK HSE. The Training Program is being applied at all upstream facilities to ensure that all employees understand the definition of Change, and to ensure understanding and importance of a good quality Hazard Evaluation and Pre Startup Safety Review.

The program is in its early stages at this time. We have seen the following tangible benefits: 1.) Improved understanding of Change, Hazard Evaluation process, and Pre Startup Safety Review process, 2.) Implementation of electronic systems with simplified approaches to encourage face to face team Hazard Evaluations and Pre Startup Safety Reviews and reduce employees answering electronic checklist questions in a silo, 3.) Consistent approach to evaluating High, Moderate, and Low complexity changes, and 4.) Consistent approach applied across upstream organizations with varying levels of operational complexity and resources.

We believe this application of MOC will enhance employees’ understanding of Change and quality Hazard Evaluations and PSSRs, resulting in improved process safety performance. Marathon has committed to apply good Process Safety principles across its upstream assets, and a quality MOC program is viewed as a priority for a strong process safety culture.

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