The paper describes a road map to achieving "Institutionalization of HSE" which is defined as an organization or company which has a safety culture so engrained that HSE activities are performed by all levels of the organization as a part of their normal daily routine. The paper describes the characteristics of an institutionalized company and then lists the steps to achievement. This roadmap to "Institutionalization of HSE" can be applied to any organization. The examples upon which this author based the paper were oil & gas assets on 4 continents.

The author found that there are specific key characteristics common in organizations which achieve world class HSE performance. By listing the characteristics, one may compare them to their own organization to identify gaps. The world class performers all combine mandatory behaviors and reward mechanisms to achieve success which are highlighted in the paper.

Safety management systems have been around for decades but recently many companies are asking why their Safety systems and programs haven't achieved a definitive "Safety Culture". World Class HSE performers have already achieved "Safety Culture" and have moved to the next level, "Institutionalization of HSE".

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