Large volume sand control and reservoir stimulation methods in the offshore market require connecting a heavy, low-yielding flexible hose from the service company stimulation vessel to the drilling rig or platform (Henceforth referred to as "rig"). From there it is typically connected to rigid high pressure treating line routed to a manifold. The use of a flexible hose anchoring point pre-installed on the rig greatly reduces exposure to accidents by eliminating dangerous chaining up methods to secure the hose to the rig. This device may remain on the rig for future pumping events.

The use of a flexible hose rig-anchoring point provides an engineered solution to reduced human, hands-on interaction when securing the treatment hose to the rig prior to a sand control or stimulation pumping event. Pinch points for hand and foot interactions are eliminated.

Placing workers in precarious situations on the outboard of the rig's handrail, high above the water surface is prevented by use of a "drop-in and lock-in" landing plate that supports the flexible hose and its connection flange in a vertical position.

This process saves time by eliminating repositioning measures when having to secure the flexible hose to some fixed object on the outboard side of the rig such as handrail posts or mooring cleats using chains.

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