Over the past 20 years the way in which the Exploration and Production (E&P) industry manages environmental affairs has changed dramatically. In the beginning, environmental was thought of something that would be taken care of concurrently as safety moved from program management to a management system approach. Currently, while a variety of methodologies exist for controlling the environmental impacts of E&P companies and support companies.

Implementation of HSE Management Systems is ranked as greatest area of progress over the past five years by the oil and gas industry according to the SPE 2006 HSE committee.1 Many of the majors and larger European Union (EU) E&P based corporations have Environmental Management Systems EMS combined with Health, Safety & Sustainability. There is a distinct difference in these disciplines where as safety is impact of safety hazard tend to be immediate and acute; where as Environmental impacts are sometime acute, if the event is large (a major oil spill), but usually develop over time; Health and Sustainability issues are more gradual to discover but very significant once they occur. Training and measuring environmental, health and sustainability programs and management systems is harder to do. Disparities in consistencies also exist between how integrated environmental programs are between upstream and downstream operations for of many Oil and Gas Producers.

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