Excellent safety performance protects an organization's employees and assets. Extraordinary safety performance leverages excellent safety to create a high-functioning organization. Why is it that some companies can achieve the first level of performance but not be able to move toward the second? What does extraordinary safety performance really take and what can organizations do to get there? Finally, how does best-in-class safety correlate to high-performance in other areas?

Conventionally, the solution to accelerating safety performance has been to add to the existing infrastructure. Our experience of the past 20 years, however, has shown us that this approach can be counterproductive. Many large companies and corporations are already "swimming" in safety processes and systems. These organizations benefit not so much from adding assets but rather from learning how to strategically leverage the ones they already have.

Safety, because of its intrinsic value, is an ideal medium for improving overall organizational culture. Extraordinary safety performance is related to an organization's ability not just to maintain a healthy work environment and avoid serious events such as fatalities, but also to its ability to sustain performance at a world-class level across the board.

This talk examines the differences between excellent and extraordinary safety and presents ways that organizations can move toward best-in-class safety and organizational performance. This talk also covers the importance of creating extraordinary safety performance, its implications for organizations, and principles that make it possible.

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