Webster's New College Dictionary defines a Megalopolis as: "A region composed of several large cities and their suburbs in sufficient close proximity to be considered a single urban complex". To say that Los Angeles and Long Beach, California make up a single urban complex would be making an understatement. Twelve-million people living eyeball-to-eyeball are less like an urban complex and more like an urban nightmare, especially when one is caught up in the morning or evening commute. Shear numbers aside, the region's weather, beaches and amenities still draw newcomers who want to live the LA lifestyle.

Within earshot of the beaches, marinas and pleasure boats in Long Beach Harbor the Thums Long Beach Company (THUMS) has produced oil for over forty years. A key to operating successfully in such an environmentally sensitive area has been the company's two-fold approach to managing stakeholder relations. First and foremost, focus on the community. Second, and almost as equally important, communicate, communicate and communicate.

Oil was first discovered in Long Beach Harbor in the 1930's. The vast Wilmington Oil Field (4th largest in the Continental U.S.) runs along the Southern California coast from just offshore Seal Beach to just under Redondo Beach, 12 miles to the north. Original oil in place is estimated to be 3.1 billion barrels. To date, almost a 1 billion barrels have been produced.

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