Owing to their properties, oil-products are environmentally noxious, especially for the ground-water environment. In the case of a break-down with an uncontrolled leakage to the environment, only part of hydrocarbons can be removed; a predominant amount of them infiltrate the soil, polluting ground- and surface waters. This results in organoleptic changes in water quality. Besides such leakages have a negative impact on flora and fauna. They accumulate in tissues of the living organisms and hardly undergo treatment.

The physicochemical properties of modified porous glasses Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 are presented in the paper along with the results of experiments on their application to removing hydrocarbons from the environment. It follows from the obtained reduction of pollutions in laboratory samples, that porous glasses can be used as adsorbents for liquidating hydrocarbon pollutions from ground- and surface waters.

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