The paper describes the development, implementation and application of a program of environmental performance measurement in a global service company working the in exploration & production industry.

A set of environmental performance indicators has been defined in order to provide data on internal compliance, environmental incidents, resource consumption, and waste generation (and management). Information is captured in an on-line database from over 500 sites in approximately 100 countries, on a monthly basis, and is immediately available for analysis and management review. The paper discusses the selection of the indicators that are used, and the intended value of each indicator, or group of indicators.

Having described the basis for the EPI program, examples from the data capture and management review process are presented. These examples are used to illustrate the evolution of the EPI process over the past three years. There is particular emphasis on discussion of the challenges that are presented by a highly devolved and decentralized data capture process.

The third section of the paper concerns the trends and themes that are evident from the database, and their application and value to the management process. There is a discussion of indicators that have been removed from, or added to the program and the reasons for those changes.

The paper concludes with a discussion of the possible areas for future development of the program.

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