The Draugen platform is operated by A/S Norske Shell and is located at Haltenbanken on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In 1998 a significant leakage was verified from two mini-flow valves in the injection water system on Draugen. An environmental concern was associated with the chemicals that were periodically discharged to sea via the seawater return flow. In addition to implementing the necessary measures in dialog with the Norwegian environmental authorities, A/S Norske Shell conducted an environmental risk assessment of the discharge.

The risk assessment was conducted using ecotoxicological data and relevant information provided by the chemical supplier, and relevant site specific information from the Draugen field. The assessment was performed utilizing the principles in the CHARM (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management) model, which is applied in several OSPAR countries.

Three discharge scenarios were addressed. The paper outlines the steps carried out in the environmental risk assessment and describe the potential environmental risk to the marine environment, caused by the discharge. The paper will also address the measures implemented and discharge reductions achieved, resulting in a close to zero discharge of injection chemicals in 1999.

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