Industry incidents happened more frequently when various processes safety and Risk Management activities associated with various sub-processes are not followed, tracked and address on a timely basis. Having a robust tracking system of mitigations plan help to follow up to closure identified corrective actions and consequently this data can be of the valuable support for any incident investigation.

Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC) has developed over the years several Process Safety (PS) metrics involving Management of Change (MOC) Process, Risk Management (RM) studies recommendations, Loss of Containment (LOC), Safety System Function Test, Control System Data, and open Non-Conformance Report (NCR) related to discrepant material conditions. This manuscript will describe how these metrics are put together, the process and how the teams involved are functioning around that. It also describes the process of closure and the functional authority of each metrics governance.

The sufficient information on the data analysis, inference and the utilization of the historical trend for the continual improvement of the targets on the risk mitigation and RM planning are discussed. The key challenges of building the Organizational Capability (OC) to sustain the processes and Process Safety Information (PSI) validation for an effective RM studies will be highlighted in the article. These PS metrics created a multi-disciplinary teams working on different tasks and tracking the actions leading to work culture improvement.

CABGOC Leadership Teams does field verification and validation through General Manager of Operations (GMO), audits, Facility Engineering (FE)/ Heath Environment Safety (HES) field audits, operations top 10 critical safeguard verification list to authenticate the importance of verification and action tracking.

Some of the key risk reduction benefits of the PS metrics tracking and monitoring will be deliberated in the article. The article will provide key lesson learned for future industry practices. PS Metrics help to track, trend, and have dialog about our high risk areas.

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