The Jubilee field in offshore Ghana, commenced oil production in November 2010 and since then, the Field has produced over 18 million barrels of oil and undertaken over 180 crude oil offtakes. The field is Tullow Oil largest revenue stream and also plays a significant contribution to the Ghanaian economy.

This successful field development has had its fair share of challenges throughout the past 5 years where many incidents have been reported and investigated. These incidents have been classified as near misses, process safety events, environmental events and recordable injuries.

This paper will look at these incidents, examine their underlying root causes, why the root causes of these incidents re-occur and provide guidance which will be beneficial to the TEN Oil field and other offshore fields in Ghana.

The paper also looks at human factors, their impact on the Jubilee operation and the challenges encountered, along with some practical solutions. The role of leadership and management commitment in the Jubilee field in operational safety is also considered.

One theme that consistently appeared in lessons learned of Jubilee field incidents is Operational Discipline; this subject and what it means to our operation will be explored in greater detail throughout the paper; some of the solutions implemented to address this important issue will also be shared.

Lastly, the paper offers an insight into how the identification of NORM and Benzene in the Jubilee field were addressed, the challenges involved and the systematic steps currently being pursued to address these problems.

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