The Society of Petroleum Engineers first launched it's ‘Energy4Me’ programme internationally in 2007. It is a Global energy education outreach program developed to attract young people to the petroleum industry and improve community awareness.

The intention was to take the important story of Oil and gas into the school classroom. The programme comes complete with a teaching methodology and a whole range of presentation aids to help get that story across in a way that is interesting and easily assimilated by pupils. All that is needed is an enthusiastic group of like-minded SPE volunteers to go into the classrooms and deliver that message.

This paper describes the story of how SPE Ghana embraced the Energy4Me and went about its implementation. Ghana is a country with a new oil and gas industry and it is recognised that the interface between the industry and wider community could always be improved. In these circumstances the SPE is often well placed to provide that interface. The SPE mission statement may be paraphrased here as ‘…the dissemination of technical knowledge for public benefit’. The ‘public benefit’ element should never be forgotten and the Energy4Me programme is geared into getting the oil and gas message into schools’ classrooms across the country.

The Ghana story starts with the 2013 SPE President's visit to the Education and Petroleum Ministries with an ambitious plan to incorporate Energy4Me teachings into the Ghana school's curriculum. A later 2015 reinvigoration of the initiative was championed through the Section officers and SPE Student Chapters with encouraging results. This paper finishes with stories of feedback from pupils, teaching staff and SPE volunteers. It also looks at experiences from other SPE regions and includes learnings that may be useful for new SPE Sections implementing the programme.

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