The Oil and Gas Producers Association (OGP) reports that driving-related incidents are the highest cause of fatalities in its member company operations and the members have indicated that lack of compliance to international driving standards is one of the most common factors contributing to road traffic incidents.

To address this concern, an oilfield service company has established a global journey management center (GJMC) covering its key operational regions.

Journey management had been part of the company's driving safety program since 1998, with local journey management centers (JMCs) established in countries worldwide. The new centralized approach consolidated local centers, helping to improve driving safety through improved compliance verification, real-time tracking, and data analysis services.

The GJMC approach employs trained operators in a central office to ensure that every trip is in full compliance to the company's journey management standards throughout the driver's entire journey—with higher-risk driving locations having more strict controls and standards. Site-specific journey management procedures are defined, and the GJMC team monitors drivers' adherence to the journey management plan and intervenes in real-time, as required, to improve driving behavior.

This paper describes how the company developed a GJMC for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. It serves 14 countries in this region in 5 languages; interacts with more than 1, 200 drivers; and controls an average of 350 field trips per day.

The paper discusses how the centralized approach across the Sub-Saharan Africa region has proven effective in increasing drivers' compliance to the company's journey standards. In addition, data analysis by a dedicated team allows for detailed insight into driving safety trends. By defining, measuring, and shaping driving behaviors, the GJMC for the Sub-Saharan Africa region plays a key role to continuously improve drivers' performance and safety.

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