Commercial Oil and Gas discoveries have been made in Uganda, mainly in the Albertine Grabben area. The Grabben area is also a natural habitat to hundreds of flora and fauna species, especially in the Murchison Falls National Park, where significant discoveries of Oil and Gas have been made.

Oil and Gas operations in this wild life area must coexist in harmony with the permanent ‘inhabitants’; the flora and fauna. This coexistence poses imminent safety hazards ranging from encountering deadly reptiles, stealthy lions, charging buffalos, startled warthogs, gigantic elephants, stinging bees, mosquitoes, tsetse flies, dashing antelopes, whizzing birds, to mention but a few. Statistically, wildlife related incidents present a significant percentage of recorded incident occurrences within TOTAL E&P Uganda.

This paper presents an experience of Total E&P Uganda on Managing Safety in regard to wildlife hazard in its Oil and Gas Operations within their Block. It highlights descriptions of the current safety realities, various preventive and reactive measures that Total E&P has implemented to manage the wildlife hazards and the success that has been obtained, despite the prevailing challenges.

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