With oil discovery in the rift valley of East Africa, we must do everything possible to protect one of the most beautiful areas of Africa.

The rift valley apart from being a tourist mecca, it is the bread basket of East Africa.

East Africa generates more that 90% of its GDP from Tourism and Agriculture today and with oil finds in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, there must be regulatory frame work in place to protect the environment and make sure the farmers continue to reap the fruit of their labour and tourism continues to contribute more to the GDP of the East African Countries.

We must make sure the that exploration operations expecially seismic activities and drilling operations and design of Rigs, Production platform design, Production Infrastructures and operations must be different from business as usual.

There must be zero tolerance for pollution, flaring must be prohibited right from inception of field development, production flowlines and pipelines must be buried underground.

Hefty fines to discourage non-compliance must be included in the legal frame work.

Social responsibility and sustainability must be part of field development plan.

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