This paper presents the findings and recommendations of a study on the management of competence in the areas of Health, Safety and Environment from an organizational perspective. A conceptual model is developed which describes the management of business processes and the aspect controls for the associated business risks. Within the study, HSE is considered as one of the business risk areas. Progress in competence management in each of the elements of the model was assessed through a survey. The results of this survey support the integrated approach, which is being developed. Skills portfolios have recently been formulated, covering the technical disciplines and business skills for individuals and teams. These skill requirements are supplemented with the required competencies to execute the tasks and maintain' the barriers identified in the Hazard and Effect Management Process [1]. Results from a case-study confirm the value of the approach in the development of learning and training programmes as well as provide a tool to assess and demonstrate the extent to which the existing competence assurance programmes match the requirements identified in HSE cases.

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