The Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company is committed to implementing high standards of environmental quality and safety in its operations.

In spite of the best care and preventive measures taken, it is a fact that accidents do occur, so GUPCO has prepared a workable and flexible oil spill contingency plan has been prepared, able to cope with any oil spill scenario in the Gulf of Suez where its offshore operation exists. The plan is applicable to all work offshore controlled by GUPCO, and to all employed or contracted personnel required to work on such operation.

Our oil spill contingency plan objective is to provide rapid and effective response to offshore oil spills and to minimize harmful effects on the marine environment and on commercial and public amenities. The call out of response teams and the emergency task group is consistent with the level of emergency.

Adequate and sufficient oil spill response equipment are available for oil slick surveillance, oil containment and recovery, and chemical dispersion.

Local and outside support resources have been also coordinated to ensure timely and adequate response in case of disasters.

Emergencies are a surprise when a lack of preparation prevails, so continuous training and frequently held drills are therefore vital to prepare all employees for fast and adequate response.

Fast and adequate response has been proved during the 2 major oil spill accidents reported during 1996.

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