Guidelines were recently issued by the E & P Forum to assist in the development and application of leading metrics. Leading metrics are usually thought of in terms of having predictive value to impending personal injury, property damage and adverse environmental impact. The guideline's focus on leading metrics enables organizations to measure behaviors impacting HSE performance before the adverse event occurs. As the development and implementation of a leading metric system can be complex, it is the intent of this paper to offer direction on how to develop selected metrics. While it is deemed important to have an effective Health, Safety and Environmental System in place, this system also serves as the basis of the "metric tool kit". The "metric tool kit" has seven sections:

  • Leadership and Commitment

  • Policy and Strategic Objectives

  • Organization, Resources and Documentation

  • Evaluation and Risk Management

  • Planning

  • Imlementation and Monitoring

  • Auditing and Review

These sections compliment E & P Forum Report No. 6.36/210, Guidelines for the Development and Application of Health, Safety and Environmental Systems.

Description of examples of items to measure are included, as well as a description of the systematic approach to quantitatively calculate the metric.

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