Sedco Forex is an International Drilling Contractor operating several different types of rig world wide through a decentralized organization with a headcount of approximately 7000 employees. The integration, training and development of indigenous staff to fulfill all senior and junior job positions is a core value of the company. During the past two years a TQM program was launched world wide primarily to help with integration of personnel and to foster a new team work culture. The objective of the program is to achieve a system of continuous improvement that focuses on operational performance and safety of rig operations. This paper will discuss:

  • The importance of adopting TQM principles to ensure that the quality and safety of our operations are continually reviewed and improved for our future success

  • The method of "getting the message across"

  • The reasons why TQM can be useful in encouraging all disciplines to work together towards common goals that will optimize achievement of organizational and personal objectives

  • The stages of development that are necessary to complete the transition from the traditional "reactive" Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry, into the "proactive" organizational culture that will be required to guarantee success beyond the year 2000

  • How to positively promote the "active" teamwork culture throughout an organization whilst managing to maintain personal innovation opportunities for everyone

  • The experiences of implementing TQM at Sedco Forex, both in office and rig site environments, in highly regulated and not so highly regulated countries, and the ways of avoiding some of the potential pitfalls.

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