The market for performance drilling services has seen continued expansion, leading to growth in service organizations and, consequently, to the appointment of new management staff. The combination of increased complexity in the technology and the contracting strategies employed places additional emphasis on managerial competence and the management methods applied. Variation in the standard of service delivered in different geographical locations is less acceptable than in the past. Globalization of the marketplace and the rapid evolution of worldwide communications networks have contributed to the general raising of expectations and the demand for consistency of service delivery.

The need for a simplified approach to the development and implementation of management systems is described. The potential benefit to be derived from a set of core organizational and management competencies is outlined. The systems approach and competencies are designed to actively eradicate or minimize the latent or potential causes of operational loss, such as service failures, environmental incidents, and accidents.

This paper discusses the reasoning for adopting an integrated approach to management systems for regulatory compliance, health, environment, quality, and safety. It describes the derivation and development of a "principle" based management process that encompasses the planning, implementation and execution of change and continuous improvement.

The emphasis on improvement has ranged from quality, to safety, to competence, and to the environment, while the requirements for regulatory compliance and financial controls have been ever present. The result for many has been the establishment of a plethora of systems and a growing administrative overhead to develop, maintain, and enhance them.

One service company has decided to adopt a radical, single- system solution to the competing demands outlined above. The system has been designed to deliver homogeneity of service standards, minimum nonproductive overhead and, with respect to health, safety, and the environment, conformance to customer expectations, and to those of the community and company employees.

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