The Company introduced its Substance Abuse Program in February 1995 to cover all of the workforce including contractors in its operations. This program supports the safety program in terms of loss prevention, accident prevention and employee performance problems which may be related to substance abuse in the workplace. The company has many work locations with distinctly different operational character-istics. It employs over 1,100 employees and 1,100 contractors of which 1,000 personnel are employed on offshore facilities; this requires a major logistics effort. The program is designed to be fair and equitable. The individuals to be tested are se-lected by a PC driven random number program. The testing program is treated confidentially. The chain of custody is carefully controlled. Disciplinary action complies with Thai labor law1 . The results of the twelve month program show that a total of 1.083 breath alcohol and 1,200 urine samples were tested for all causes. The results showed that only 0.55% and I 25% of breath alcohol and urine samples respectively were positive

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