Soon after the spill in Valdez, Chevron, like most of the other oil companies, undertook a detailed review of its prevention, preparedness and response efforts. To accomplish this, Chevron assembled a task force with representatives selected by the heads of our major operating companies throughout the world and of key staff organizations. One of the major outputs was the Guiding Principles for Oil and Chemical Spills to Water. It outlines Chevron's policy for dealing with all aspects including defining responsibilities, encouraging mutual aid within the company, and organizing company-wide internal support teams for response worldwide. The company-wide resource teams are: the Advisory & Resource Team, the Worldwide Spill Response Team, 13 Functional Teams and the Mutual Aid Manpower Pool. In addition to developing these internal company resources, Chevron also obtained access to external spill response resources, such as Oil Spill Response Limited (OSR), the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), and the PetroAssist Network. The Chevron Emergency Response Staff ties all this together through publishing a directory of the internal and external resources for operating companies’ use. The Emergency Response Staff also is coordinating two company-wide drills per year to help keep the company in a ready state for response to a major spill incidents.

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