Chevron owns and operates the largest corporate non-commercial aircraft fleet in the world. This paper describes Chevron's aircraft operations and how it supports a large exploration and production operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

Discussion focuses on Chevron's highly qualified pilots and mechanics and how they achieve and maintain their technical abilities. The Maintenance Department is described in detail, including procedures for revamping new aircraft to Chevron's standards before they are available for use. Discussion also provides a detailed explanation of the avionics group and their part in outfitting and maintaining a sophisticated flight tracking (Flite-Trak) and Loran system used for navigation.

This paper also describes Chevron's own internal safety precautions that may be unique to its operations and have proven to aid in the Company's overall safety program and related accomplishments.

The results of Chevron's Aircraft Operations cannot be measured in safety statistics alone. Passenger confidence and employee involvement are two main elements that contribute to Aircraft Operations' success. Chevron aircraft operates in a safe and cost efficient manner. Many American Petroleum Institute (API) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awards have been earned for outstanding safety milestones. It is only through the dedicated efforts of all the employees of Aircraft Operations that such an outstanding organization exists. The credit for the exemplary safety record of this organization truly belongs to the employees.

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