The development of a questionnaire to assess safety culture and attitudes in organisations is described1. The questionnaire is based upon an extensive review of the organisational and human factors literature, and was developed by Surrey University as a result of major studies in the UK Steel Industry. A short form questionnaire has been developed and refined from an extensive pilot question set addressing 6 critical factors in the management of industrial safety, the people who make up the safety system, their attitudes and behaviour, the activities they carry out, the focus of those activities (both specific to their jobs and in the organisation as a whole), and phase of the life cycle in which those are carried out (design/planning, operational, etc.) and the conditions under which the work is carried out (normal, maintenance, emergency). The questionnaire is designed to measure efficiently the effectiveness of the safety culture and attitudes, and to indicate where improvements need to be made.

The questionnaire has been developed in the UK steel and chemical industries. It is currently being tested and refined in a joint project between UK, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The available results show that the questionnaire has good validity in cross-cultural contexts, and in correlating with the accident rates across plants with different production processes.

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