This paper deals with the environmental problems related to Petroleum Exploration Programs (P E, P) in Madagascar and measures taken, in short terms, to minimize environment degradation resulting from these.

PEP concerns the three main western sedimentary basins (Ambilobe Basin - Majunga Basin - Morondava basin) -Fig.2- of which 12% of the surface are classified as "protected area" (forests, parks, reserves) in respect of the richness and rareness of wildlife species.

PEP's operations (seismic survey and drilling wells), when conducted in these zones, affect the system (access road, people migration), leading to the degradation of the wildlife.

For petroleum companies working in those zones, some appropriate measures (adequacy of equipment, engagement to restore damages, environment study) were required before concerned administration could grant the agreement.

One example of specific environment damages caused by Petroleum Exploration Operations is mentionned in this paper.

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