Individualized, personal training can be used to increase an employee1s awareness of the HSE program. Such training can stimulate personal commitment and provide personal skills that can be utilized for the benefit of the overall HSE effort. If conducted properly, this training "personalizes" the HSE program for the individual, encouraging active participation. This can be especially effective when such training not only enhances personal job satisfaction, but also teaches skills that are beneficial both on and off the job. This is not a new concept in training or employee motivation, and such training is being conducted in various forms within many industries. But, providing such training within our industry can be a difficult task due to the scheduling, travel arrangements, and costs associated with bringing employees from isolated, remote locations to centrally located training facilities.

One method of overcoming these obstacles involves the use of field instructors to provide the training at the many, and varied work-sites. By using this method, a greater number of individuals can be reached with minimal disruption to their work scheduling or to their time off. In fact, this type of on-site training is already used by some oil companies and drilling contractors with encouraging results.

This paper describes one drilling contractor's experiences with such a training program. The results after eight years show that this program not only can provide an efficient, economical means of employee training, but also can have a direct application to employee motivation regarding a company's HSE effort.

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