Traffic safety is a major problem for almost every manager and supervisor. There are few areas where motor vehicles are not used for some jobs and most employees drive cars off the job.

> The industrialization of any country brings additional risk to life and property, requiring additional efforts to prevent accidents. Every person must play a role in preventing industrial accidents, but instruction must be given by management and supervisors. Methods are now available and very practical for the effective prevention of motor vehicle accidents both that occur on the job and that occur of the job with personal vehicles. A safety specialist is employed to assist in controlling accidents to obtain efficient operations. The safety practitioner's role is a vital one, as it is through him that company safety program is communicated, effected and followed.

> In teaching "Traffic Safety", management should communicate to supervisors and local transport contractors that they have a critical role in traffic safety. They are at the point where the job is done. They must aggressively work toward a common goal by having the proper vehicle, driven by the proper person who has had the proper traffic education, performing vehicle operations under the proper control and lastly he should be safety-minded. While the supervisor may not purchase the vehicle or conduct the traffic safety training, he must make input to insure that these programs provide safe vehicles and safe drivers.

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