The Shell Canada Road Safety Program was developed to address the diversified operating needs of employees who were expected to drive as part of their job, and who were exposed to various hazards, both rural and urban. The intent of this program is to produce more aware drivers who enter the driving environment with a positive, constructive mindset rather than a negative, confrontational one. The new approach relies on the more descriptive term "proactive" to convey the need to think ahead and think about others. The Shell Canada Road Safety Program encompasses a wide range of issues from a comprehensive policy to specific requirements relating to the driver, vehicle and the environment. A major activity was die development of new training modules. The program focuses on the reduction of injuries to our employees and damage to our vehicles. The emphasis on road safety is intended to create a significant shift in driving attitudes. The program demonstrates management's commitment to road safety and stresses the need for continued leadership by management and supervisors for both employees and contractors. This paper discusses the development, implementation and monitoring stages of the Road Safety Program.

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