An innovative vehicle accident prevention system, VAPS, has been used to reduce vehicle accidents in the African-Mediterranean oilfields. The system records various parameters of vehicle movement which are related to defensive driving skills. This information is then used to target management and training efforts to achieve an impressive reduction in vehicle accidents.

Each vehicle is fitted with a microprocessor and various sensors from which speed, acceleration, braking, etc., are determined. These parameters are recorded on a memory card which must be inserted into the microprocessor before the vehicle can be operated. Driving information is obtained for individual drivers by assigning each driver a personal memory card. Each driver is then able to retrieve valuable information regarding his/her driving habits by using a PC-based cardreader back at the office.

Vehicle accidents are reviewed showing the need for the benefits this system can provide. The VAPS hardware is then described to show which parameters can be measured. The majority of the paper focuses on the analysis of these measurements and how they are applied to improve defensive driving habits. Real case histories are used to illustrate the effectiveness of the system.

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