Occupational Accident Analysis and Reporting system (OCAAR) is a computerised system used by those responsible for any activity on sites to identify:

  • origins of any accident/incident when it occurs

  • chain of events leading to accident/incident.

The origins of an accident/incident are split into the following four categories

  • human factors

  • procedural factors

  • technical defects

  • others

One accident/incident can involve several categories. The causes of all accidents and incidents are ranked from the most frequent to the less frequent ones for a given period.

The methodology will identify and quantify the origins of accidents and incidents.

Accordingly to define and to implement specific actions such as training programme, procedural improvement, and even modifications of a safety concept are a consequence of the OCAAR System (shown in Table 1).

By analysing OCAAR data, the Company safety policy and performance can be evaluated and areas requiring attention are highlighted.

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