The Oil Exploration and Production Industry represented in the E&P Forum is establishing a Chemicals Data Base for the benefit of Operators, Suppliers and Governments. It will collate data relevant to environmental and health hazard assessment of the chemicals used in oil exploration and production in a consistent form based on a Minimum Data Set. Suppliers of chemicals and chemical products will be asked to submit the data by filling out of a questionnaire, the so-called "Minimum Data Set (MDS)".

Operator members of the E&P Forum will have access to the data in the data bank on the products which they use or intend to use, and may provide data to Governments as required for their operations in a particular country. This procedure will ensure that adequate, good quality information will be available and readily accessible to Operators and Governments to support decisions about acceptance of use and eventual disposal of chemicals and wastes containing chemicals in the offshore (or onshore) environment.

To this purpose the MDS comprises data on bioaccumulation potential, toxicity to aquatic life and biodegradability, as well as toxicological data relevant to human health hazard assessment. The environmental and toxicological data are also in line with data required in the OECD and EEC for chemical hazard assessment and classification procedures. This will have the added advantage to chemical suppliers of minimising duplication of effort in satisfying Government requirements for marketing products.

The progress of the project to date will be presented.

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